Brendan lives in Seattle, WA, where he works for Leviathan Security Group, and dotes on his two cats when he isn't consulting elsewhere in the world. Brendan O'Connor is also the founder and DSS of Malice Afterthought, Inc., the security consultancy and software shop. When not doing client work, he pursues his own research interests in identity and privacy, wearable computing, autonomous aircraft, and emergency and failsafe communication, the last facilitated by his Amateur Extra ham radio license (K3QB).

He writes about life, work, and occasional points of intrigue at Times and Measures, participates in one form of a global subconscious at Twitter, connects professionally through LinkedIn, and shares his work and code through GitHub. His GPG key is 0xB58EDA54, and a personal resume is available in PDF format. He's written one peer-reviewed conference paper for the ACM Computer and Communications Security Workshop on Digital Identity Management (ACM CCS DIM '09). He has also written an article for the American Bar Association's SciTech Lawyer.

Brendan has spoken at DEF CON, Black Hat USA, Black Hat Europe, ShmooCon, DerbyCon, Paranoia Oslo, B-Sides Las Vegas, HOPE, ThotCon, DEF CON SkyTalks, LASCON, PumpCon, and the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association, among other places.