Looking for a prose description of me? Here you’ll find the bio I use for security conferences, and the bio I use for legal conferences.

Security Conferences

Described by coworkers as “not the lawyer we need, but the lawyer we deserve,” Brendan O’Connor is a security researcher and consultant in Seattle, WA. He is admitted to the bar in Montana and Washington, and serves as Vice-Chair of the ABA’s Information Security Committee; while he is a lawyer, he is not your lawyer. He was awarded two DARPA Cyber Fast Track contracts for his security research, which focuses primarily on enabling access to security and privacy through development of disposable computing and sensing tools. He has taught at an information warfare school, played the violin, transmitted on amateur radio (K3QB), and tried to convince his cat not to eat him when he dies.

Legal Conferences

Brendan O’Connor is a consultant in Seattle, WA, where his work focuses on assisting corporations and law firms with security, risk management, and information governance needs. He is Vice-Chair of the ABA’s Information Security Committee. His research focuses on distributed sensing and disposable computing, and through his consultancy, Malice Afterthought, was awarded two DARPA Cyber Fast Track research contracts. His work has been featured by Forbes, the New York Times, and Bloomberg TV, among many other media outlets. He has presented at computer security conferences in the United States and abroad, including the Black Hat USA and Europe conferences, DEF CON, Paranoia, ShmooCon, RSA, and ThotCon. He holds the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University, and Juris Doctor (with honors) from the University of Wisconsin Law School; he is admitted to the bar in Montana and Washington. His website is http://ussjoin.com.