Brendan Francis O'Connor


Hi. I'm Brendan Francis O'Connor.

I'm a technologist, and I work to build information security programs focused on everyday excellence. I'm an attorney. My work blends both areas.

If you'd like to talk to me, my email: My GPG key is public, though very rarely used at this point.

My CV (and shorter resume) have details about some things I've done, if you're curious.

I also:

If you'd like to contact me, email is usually the best way; works well.

Sometimes, I have needed a conference bio for reasons. Here's one for me:

Brendan O'Connor is a security engineer, researcher, and consultant based in Seattle. Once described by a former coworker as "not the lawyer we need, but the lawyer we deserve" (which apparently wasn't meant as a compliment), he works to get a handle on how people are messing with the Internet (and how we can ask them nicely to knock it off), builds security programs, occasionally argues with people who are wrong on the Internet about security governance, and runs the Narwhal project/conference. He lives in Seattle, WA surrounded by radio gear and cat hair.